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Classroom & School Grants

All teachers and schools can use some financial help. National data shows that the average teacher spends $745 on supplies and needed material for their classroom. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, these needs are increased because of distance learning and the fact that students cannot share materials and supplies. This is exacerbated by the 66% of Yavapai County schools that support communities in need including communities of color. Many of our schools in this time of pandemic deliver classroom work assignments directly to students in poor communities along with food and other necessities of life.

This past year, 2022-23, 75% of all classroom grants went to schools with 50% or greater population on free or reduced cost lunch programs.

Teachers and schools are encouraged to submit grant applications for Classroom  Grants or School Grants. Applications will be accepted from January 19, 2023 (applications open) to April 4, 2023 (applications close). Grant awards will be announced mid-April. Funds will be available late April.

Apply For A Grant

Classroom Grants $500 max

School Matching Grants $1,000 max

Apply Beginning
January 19, 2023 (applications open) to April 4, 2023

Below are some samples of what kind of grant requsts are being funded:

Shoot for the Stars: Mariachis on the Move

Jill Whitener

Tool Time @ CCS

Mr. Marston

Book Sets

Mx. Paetz

Unity Rug

Mrs. Apodaca

Drum Circles

Theresa Romey

Wobble Stools

Mrs. Reay

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Due to the generosity of individuals, other foundations, and corporate sponsorships, YCEF is able to fulfill its mission.